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About the Autor

Napoleon HillNapoleon Hill is considered the most important self-help and self-improvement author in the world, a celebrity in personal growth literature. Born in Pound, Virginia, USA, on October 26, 1883, he died in South Carolina on November 8, 1970. He was an advisor to two U.S. presidents: Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

In 1908 he interviewed the second richest man in the world (the first was John D. Rockefeller), industrialist Andrew Carnegie. This interview represented for Napoleon Hill the great opportunity of his life. When Carnegie spoke to him about how it was possible to extract a common pattern in success, from all the people in the world who had achieved it, and that this was within the reach of the general public, he discovered a kind of formula for success, a route of thirteen principles that anyone, with effort and practice, could follow to achieve total success. Carnegie suggested to Napoleon Hill to develop these thirteen rules into a work to show the world his revelation... thus was born "Think and Get Rich" one of the best selling books, of all times, in the whole world (70 million legal copies). To date, it has been translated into the main European languages as well as into Chinese, Hindi, Arabic and Japanese.

About the Book

Written in 1937, it shows a clear, interesting and disturbing style. The practical method described by Napoleon Hill in his book has served as a guide for many current business works, although since its publication, it has provoked debate among its followers and detractors. The former defend his benefit in times of crisis and change; the latter accuse him of sensationalism and superficiality. In any case, what is undeniable is that "Think and Grow Rich" opened a new era in personal growth.

It took Napoleon Hill 20 years to write it and in the course of that time he interviewed the most successful characters of the time: Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, John D. Rockefeller, Alexander Graham Bell and Jennings Randolph, etc.

Here are the 13 principles the book is about:

1.Desire. The starting point of all achievement

2.Faith. Visualization and belief in the consequence of desire

3.Autosuggestion. The vehicle to influence the subconscious

4.Specialized Knowledge. Personal experiences or observations

5.Imagination. The workshop of the mind

6.Organized Planning. The Crystallization of Desire in Action

7.Decision. The domain of procrastination

8.Perseverance. The sustained effort needed to move the faith

9.The Power of Teamwork. The driving force

10.The mysteryof the transmutation of sex

11.The Subconscious. The link

12.The Brain. A receiving and transmitting station for thought

13.The Sixth Sense. The door of the Temple of Wisdom

"Think and grow rich" is not just a self-help book, it's a whole philosophy of life. It is described by the author in the following paragraph:

The only thing you have absolute control over is your thinking. It's the only means you have to control your destiny. Therefore, you must learn to orient your mind so that it turns its back on doubt and negativity. Unfortunately, most people, those who do not succeed, know all the reasons for failure and have an immense list of justifications to explain their lack of success. The purpose of this book is for you to see yourself as you really are, discover your mistakes, and correct yourself starting with what you want. This will allow you to create habits that will help you develop the perseverance and willpower necessary to achieve economic and personal success.”.

I'm sure you're wondering why this post, aren't you? The answer is simple: Because this work has been the inspiration for Pure Feedback System, the Project that will become the leading company in a not so distant future, innovative, different from everything known until now. The company that will give priority to the benefit of people, which will become something so big that it will surpass, in number of users, Facebook and Amazon together. The Pure Feedback System has very little time left to start, and when it does, it will raise the standard of living for millions of human beings. It will be the first in collaborative economics and it will revolutionize the whole society as we know it today. Do you think there is little reason to get to know the work on which this Project is based?

As I am aware of the difficulty that most people have in reading, I thought I would help you by summarizing this work in several posts:

This is the introduction

In the 2nd I will summarize principles 1,2 and 3 of the book

I will dedicate the 3rd one to principles 4, 5 and 6

In the 4th I will expose principles 7, 8 and 9

In the 5th I will summarize principles 10, 11 and 12

And finally in the 6th I will expose the principle 13 and the summary that Napoleon Hill himself makes of his book.

Logically, I hope and desire that if not all, yes most of you are interested in these posts that, in short, mean nothing more than the founding idea of Pure Feedback System and that all of you should know.

Would you like to join this ambitious project?

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