Think and Grow Rich – Part 4


Parte 4


DecisiónIn the list of 31 causes of failure, lack of decision is almost always the first one on the list. People who manage to accumulate money (+1 million) often make quick decisions and change them, whenever necessary, slowly, i.e. they take time to make the change. This is a characteristic feature of them. On the other hand “People who fail to accumulate money have, without exception, a habit of making decisions, if they make them at all, very slowly, and of changing those same decisions quickly and often”.

People who are in the habit of delaying their decisions are usually because of insecurity or various fears: of "what they will say", of making a fool of themselves, of criticism, etc. Normally, those close to them, family and friends, tend to have the most negative influence (with good intentions without a doubt) on the spirit of the person concerned, causing feelings of insecurity, shame and/or weakness in their determination. Feedback, devotes a video to this topic in the partner's guide, adelantándose a esta realidad, dando razones para contar con los allegados a la hora de ofrecer esta oportunidad. It also recommends caution in passing on our knowledge of the Project, warning of the dangers that too much information can cause for the effectiveness of the same.

Napoleon Hill puts it in a simple sentence: “Let one of your first decisions be to keep your mouth shut, and your eyes and ears open”.

Throughout this chapter, the author suggests "that thought, supported by a strong desire, has a clear tendency to transform itself into its physical equivalent". A phrase that reaffirms our decision to be founding partners in Feedback, and to take action, to make that tendency to transform into money a real success.

Another phrase I would like to highlight is 'The world has a habit of opening up to the man whose words and actions show that he knows where he is going'.


Synonyms of persistence are tenacity, constancy, tenacity and antonyms are passivity, inconstancy, apathy, etc. How much have we already talked about these values? How many times have we repeated the phrase "Nobody here gives up"? Napoleon Hill in this chapter says “When will power and desire are properly combined, they form an irresistible partnership” What a great truth! Will power is the irreplaceable complement for anyone who deeply desires to achieve the goals he has set for himself. As far as its application in Feedback is concerned, willpower is as necessary as water for life. All of us, if we really want our Project to be successful, must follow the steps taught in the partner guide with tenacity and persistence. This is the first test that we must pass in order to demonstrate our strength of will because in this way we reveal the intensity of desire that each one has. Remember that the starting line for every journey is the burning desire to reach the goal. If anywhere along the way in Feedback you discover that your willpower is weakening, lean on the Facebook group, on your colleagues, and you will regain the strength you need; read again all the available material, renew the vision of your future in Feedback, the one that made you decide to be where you are... and keep on working because you will certainly win.

Human beings are not measured by their height but by the strength of will they show by getting up every time they fall in their path... get up and go your way without worrying too much. Falling down, having bad days, getting discouraged, is normal. It's happened to us and it happens to all of us. Feedback knows that, that's why he has a great training plan. You just have to get hold of it every time you want to give up! That's how simple and powerful our Project is.

I remind you why Feedback is the most powerful project in the world:

Because it allows you to control your economic destiny.

Because it is the only Project that will lead you directly to freedom and total independence.

Because it's not based on a "lucky break."

Because on the way it allows you to grow as a person, overcoming discouragement and indifference.

Because it takes you by the hand to make a fortune.

Because it's the only project that will make your dreams come true.

Do you think that's not enough of a reward for you to do what's asked of you today?

Would you like to join this ambitious project?

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