Think and Grow Rich – Part 3


Parte 3

Specialized knowledge

planificacionWe ended the previous post with the phrase "Man can become master of himself and his environment, because he has the power to influence his own subconscious". This is a powerful statement, in itself, but at once a question arises to take advantage of all that potential: if man is capable of influencing his subconscious, what other skills does he need to create the much desired wealth? Napoleon Hill answers this question in the next chapter under the title "Specialized Knowledge". Let's see what he tells us:

“Knowledge won't attract money unless it's organized and intelligently targeted through practical action plans, for the precise purpose of accumulating money”.

Does this phrase ring a bell? In Feedback we have been repeating this slogan ad nauseam and there are still those who do not know it, or do not assimilate it, or have not incorporated it into their acting habits. However, with the intention of leaving this concept clearly explained, I will repeat it once again: in our Project the organization is exemplary, the management is more than intelligent and the practical plan of action is perfectly structured in the "Partner's Guide" ... Just follow it!

I remind you that this monumental work served as inspiration to the person who founded Feedback, and who has worked tirelessly to deliver all the steps elaborated. We do not have to invent anything, we are not asked to have certain knowledge, nor to belong to the elite of today's society, nor to any particular ethnic group or race… We are only asked for the irrepressible will and desire to achieve our dreams of greatness which, with Feedback, is perfectly possible.

Napoleon Hill was well aware of the indifference with which we humans treat the gifts that life gives us when he writes “One of the strangest things about human beings is that we only value what has a price”.

Throughout the chapter there are various examples that serve to lift our spirits and strengthen the courage to fight for our goal.

He also talks about work teams. In Feedback we are a team, we must all row in the same direction. When a group of people move towards a common destiny their strength is unstoppable, there is no unattainable goal, no impossible feat.

The imagination

imaginacionThis is one of the most emotional parts of the book. You know, "Man is capable of creating anything he can imagine". Napoleon Hill makes this phrase his own when he expresses “Imagination is the workshop where all man-made plans are formed. The impulse, the desire, is given form, profile and action by the help of the imaginative faculty of the mind”.

It distinguishes two types of imagination: synthetic and creative. I will focus on the creative one because it is the one that concerns us at the moment (the synthetic one brings together experiences and concepts acquired throughout existence to form new combinations).

Creative imagination works when the conscious mind is stimulated by a certain emotion, for example a powerful desire, and manifests itself through hunches or inspirations.

The great leaders of business, industry, finance, and the great artists, musicians, poets and writers have come to the place they now occupy because they have developed the faculty of creative imagination” Does this remind you of the origin of our Project? Feedback was created by an inspiration from its founder when he read "Think and Grow Rich".

Jordi Pigem (philosopher of science and writer) in his article "What is imagination and how can we develop it" states

Intelligence, like creativity, depends on imagination, and only by fostering it can we move towards a healthier and wiser society.

Without imagination there is no creativity. Everything becomes routine, desperate and leads to discouragement and boredom. Creative imagination is progress, it drives growth, evolution. It originates new, unpublished, original ideas… as Feedback that, from its very base, is different from anything known before.

Blaise Pascal (French mathematician, physicist, theologian, philosopher and writer of the 17th century) defines imagination in this way: "Imagination has everything; it creates beauty, justice and happiness, which is the whole of the world".

I told you once that Feedback made me believe again in a more just and equitable society... if in addition, in the course of that transformation, it offers us the possibility of becoming millionaires What more could we ask for? We can only use the imagination that every human being has to visualize that possible future.

Organized planning

I have already explained the need to have an organized plan to achieve our purpose, I have also commented that in Feedback the plan is developed, and structured, in its entirety, so I will only detail here its characteristics:

1.- Partnering with as many people as needed for the execution, and success, of the plan devised towards the accumulation of money.

2.- Decide, and expose, advantages and benefits that the plan offers to each partner in exchange for their collaboration.

3.- Get all partners to form a strong team and set up meetings from time to time.

4.- Proceed to the creation of the "Master Mind" team and meet with them at least weekly.

5.- To keep the partners and the "Master Mind" team in perfect harmony.

Finally, a call for perseverance, and tenacity, in the daily work of each and every one of us:

We possess a vehement desire, an irreducible faith, a winning plan and a great Project. Does anyone doubt our triumph? Be constant, don't give up, because success is just around the corner. It's only a matter of time!


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