Think and Grow Rich – Part 2


Part 2

If there is one thing that is excellent about this book, it is that Napoleon Hill sets out his path to success in 13 steps, which represent the route to be followed to achieve success, dedicating a chapter to each step.

In each of these chapters he narrates, to illustrate them, a real example of how this human value (desire, faith, self-suggestion, etc.), is necessary to achieve the economic dream of each reader.

From that example he draws the moral from each one.

I will follow the same method of the book, I will go step by step.

Let's start…

Deseo Desire. The starting point of all achievement.

The RAE defines desire as “Emotional movement towards something you want” and “Longing for something with vehemence”, but for Napoleon Hill "Desire" is the first of the thirteen steps he details in his work:

“When Edwin C. Barnes got off the freight train in Orange, New Jersey, over fifty years ago, he may have looked like a bum, ¡but his ideas were those of a king!

As he headed from the railroad tracks to Thomas A. Edison'office, his brain was working nonstop. He saw himself standing in Edison's presence. You could hear yourself asking Edison for a chance to perform the only compelling obsession of his life, the burning desire to become a partner in the business of the great inventor.

Barnes' wish was not a hope! It was not an insignificant wish! It was a strong desire, that transcended everything. It was a firm determination.

He stood firm in his desire until it became the dominant obsession of his life and, finally, a fact”.

Notice that the author distinguishes perfectly between words, hope and desire. And he does very well because desire is a state of mind that motivates you, transmits to you the strength of will to fight for what you desire, is vehement, passionate, extends to all the acts of those who feel it, and becomes an obsession. It is so powerful that it can "make you burn all your ships" so that you don't have to consider turning back.

However, the definition of hope is: "A state of mind that arises when what is desired is presented as attainable".

See the difference? Applied to Pure Feedback System, the desire would be to feel an unbearable urge to make it happen, to work until it is a fact, to put passion into it, to wake up every day with the obsession of turning that Project into something real. The hope instead is to just wait for that to come to a favorable end. I'm sure you can see the difference now.

In this first step the author offers us a formula of six rules to start practicing:

1.- Determine the exact amount of money you want.

2.- Determine exactly what you intend to give in exchange for the money you want.

3.- Set a deadline by which you intend to have the money you want.

4.- Create an accurate plan to carry out your wish and start immediately whether or not you are ready to put the plan into action.

In Feedback the plan is already elaborated, finished and complete, you just have to follow it... Follow the "Member's Guide" and participate actively in the group we have in Facebook. We are not asked for anything else. It's simple, isn't it? Dedicate some time daily to achieve our dreams.

5.- Write a clear and concise statement of the amount of money you intend to raise, write down the time limit for this acquisition, clarify what you intend to give in exchange for the money, and describe, exactly, the plan by which you intend to formulate it.

6.- Read this statement aloud twice a day, at bedtime and when you get up. In the meantime, read, see, feel, and believe you already have the money. This last one is where the burning desire will come to your aid.

Right or wrong? You'll only find out by doing it.

Faith. Visualization and belief in the achievement of desire.

Faith is the positive emotion that complements the above desire.

Everything you say to your subconscious, without the necessary faith that should accompany it, is pure talk.

That is why desires when mixed, and supported by faith, the subconscious begins to turn them into reality. Burning desire and firm faith is the mixture that drives the action of the subconscious. It is not magic, is the result of the inner power we all have.

Napoleon Hill explains it this way:

“When he traveled to Orange, he didn't say to himself, «I'll try to convince Edison to give me some kind of job,» but rather, «I'm going to see Edison to explain him that I've come to do business with him».

It was not said, «I will be on the lookout for any other opportunity, in case I don't get what I want in Edison's organization,» but, «There is only one thing in this world that I am determined to get, and that is to partner with Edison in his business. I will burn all the bridges behind me, and bet my future on my ability to get what I want».

It's certainly not immediate, but try it, be persistent, and you'll see the miracle.

Perseverance is the secret in Feedback. Let's persevere until we achieve our purpose because I have no doubt that we will.

You still don't believe it? Do it! You'll tell me later.

Auto-suggestion. The vehicle to influence the subconscious.

In this chapter there is something of paramount importance:

Thesubconscious assumes any order given to it in a mental state of burning desire accompanied by absolute faith, and acts on those orders, even though they must be presented to him often over and over again, through repetition, before the subconscious interprets them”.

According to this, Napoleon Hill, suggests a valid "trick" to "trick" the subconscious: make it believe, (you already believe) that you are the owner of that money and expect him to suggest a plan to get that money that is already yours.

Begin to see yourself in possession of the money and demand the subconscious to provide you with the plan you need to achieve it. Keep an eye out for that plan and make it happen as soon as it does. It will be like an inspiration, the "sixth sense" that we all possess will make you see the plan and its development.

Don't rely on "the reason" to make the plan, let the subconscious do its job. I know it sounds simple, but it's not; it's not easy, not fast.

The secret is in the perseverance of repetition.

I just want to show what I find most interesting in each chapter. Logically, the book is much more explained and extensive, so please read it, or listen to it.

I would like to highlight a phrase that is like the colophon of this chapter:

Man can become master of himself and his environment, because he has the power to influence his own subconscious”.

Let us follow these steps in Feedback, let us feel the burning desire with the conviction, the faith, not to make mistakes and let us persevere in the repetition to the subconscious, day by day, without throwing in the towel, without giving up... if we all do the same, with the strength that unity gives, we will soon see it become a wonderful and abundant reality.

Would you like to join this ambitious project?

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