The simplicity of being a Feedback Partner

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Compromise. Perseverance. Understanding. Learning. Paradigms

When motivational phrases and sentences are used regularly without generating any results, their real meaning becomes hollow, empty words. "ACTION" is the missing word, not just as a word. Without action, all other words do not make, or have, any sense, they lose it.

You can only take action if the commitment, perseverance, consistency, etc. go according to your goals, ideals and dreams.

Christian Burgos is a guy who can show us the way.

In the Mastermind team we have strived to pave the way for all founding partners, providing tools, documents, guides to make the work of the founding partner simple...easy. Maybe it was a mistake.

Simple or easily achieved things are not valued. What it costs is.

To feel empathy towards someone causes us to understand better what they are sharing with us, what they are exposing us to. Somehow we pay more attention to his speech.

That's why I'm sharing this video with you. I know that we all have little time, but I also know that sometimes we take it as an excuse not to do certain things. If you really want to be better at Feedback, watch this video carefully.

Anyway, thinking, again, of making things easier for you, I've written down the minute and second of what you mustn't miss.

Of course, Feedback doesn't require you to learn Korean, work hard, or become a celebrity in the Korean entertainment scene. The goal of introducing you to this video is to make you think about how easy it is to do and be a partner of Feedback. But the commitment and identification of the project with the achievement of your dreams and objectives is real.

Feedback is a project that requires people, that needs you as a founding partner, and can only become a reality if you are congruent with yourself and your dreams.

Analyze yourself and honestly define if you are really willing to do what it takes to fulfill your dreams with Feedback. If not, don't feel bad, but there's no point in giving your time to it.

Finally, I put this other video, you can watch it complete if you want, but to my understanding, I think what can help you is what is said between the minutes 5:24 - 7:06 - The jewel of the toad.

There's no room here for "pretending" to stay on the list. It doesn't make sense..

In this post I haven't talked anything about what Feedback is and what it can achieve. I have talked about you, I have talked to you and I have tried to "feel" you inside if this is for you.

If you have fears, face them. If you're excited, act on it. If not, don't waste any more of your time.

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