And after the covid19… what’s next?

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And after the covid19... what's next?

Now a question hangs in the minds of the world's inhabitants, quarantined by the coronavirus: What will our life be like after this pandemic? What will the world be like when we return to the streets? Gideon Lichfield, editor-in-chief of the MIT Technology Review, gives us an answer that more than reassures us, places us in a disturbing uncertainty:

Redes Humanos"We all want to get back to normal as soon as possible. But it seems that most of us are still not aware that nothing will return to normal after a few weeks, or even a few months. Some things will never be as before ", " This is not a temporary alteration. This is the start of a completely different way of life", writes Lichfield in a recent post.

This pandemic will destroy two "values" just as important:

1.- The Economic

I am very afraid that "the aftermath of this pandemic" will be a recessionary economy, a crisis only comparable to that of 1929; something like a post-war but with an important difference: war destroys economic wealth (bridges, railways, buildings, etc.). Covid-19 destroys the structural base of the economy. What is more serious? Of course, in a post-war period, everything destroyed must be lifted and in this crisis that is coming upon us, the economic structure will have to be rebuilt from its foundations in order to achieve previous levels of social welfare. Humanity will have to "reinvent itself". The pandemic marks the border between a "before", the hyperconsumer society "in which we were sailing, and a" after ", the new economy that will reemerge as a mandatory consequence of the previous one.

2.- The social

Vapors of hopelessness and discouragement float in the air, as if this virus fueled fear of the future, of the unknown. In reality we all see the social "problem" clearly. The signs are evident, the general temperature has reached unsustainable limits, the distance between rich and poor has exploded, emigration has become a political problem (?), Xenophobia is the order of the day, attitudes extremes are "normal" ... humanity has lost the north and this model of society is not sustained.

These two parameters allow us to clearly see that we are witnessing the birth of a "New Age".

Pure Feedback System as sustenance of that New Age

By ignoring defeatist philosophies (which are there? How can we not?) A new vision of the "after" emerges. A transformative vision taking advantage of the foundations of today's society to regenerate it. An economic-social option that works its way as a counterpart to the problems that currently overwhelm us.

Red HumanidadAn idea embodied in a Project that anticipates the future, of indisputable greatness because its firmness and continuity is assured and will transform the way of interacting between buyers and sellers. A technological business system that will reinvent society as we have known it until now, and will allow everyone without exception to raise their standard of living.

This system will offer solutions to humanity's most pressing problems:

1.- Poverty fertilizes the ground for the revolution. When Feedback becomes a reality, this danger will disappear. Why join a revolution if you live well, have basic needs covered and also earn money?

2.- The distance between rich and poor, the seed of so much social injustice, will be minimized because all people will see an increase in their income and therefore their standard of living. This will lead to a fairer and more equitable society.

3.- Trade will level off. The big shopping malls will stop claiming the monopoly that has ruined the little one. Local business will rise from the ashes because Feedback will prioritize it in your system. We will see again in the neighborhoods of the cities and towns, the local store and therefore the buyer will not have to move to the department stores.

4.- All people will be able to access the most advanced technology because the Feedback system will be fully automated. No one will be left out for not knowing how to handle technology.

5.- Internet will finally be available to everyone because Feedback will be a global system, it will spread throughout the planet. Any human being, wherever they are, will be able to access the Feedback sales-purchase system. You only need to become a user of it.

After this, I believe without the slightest shadow of a doubt, that the correct answer to the title question is: After COVID19…¡Pure Feedback System!

Can anyone doubt that Pure Feedback System will spearhead the New Age change? Can you think of more social-economic benefits of this revolutionary Project?

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