We are a group of entrepreneurs of various nationalities. A new generation of businessmen, of all ages, who are joining this great technological project, which we invite you to join if you share our values.

We understand that we must change, once and for all, the old models about work and wealth generation, which worked for some generations.

Why don't they work anymore?

Because the current majority labour and social model was designed during the industrial revolution, in the boom of factories and companies that needed a large workforce, a model in which people have given up their dreams and creativity in exchange for a salary and the promise of pay in the days of their old age after 40 years of work.

So what's changed?

"We are in a different era"

Technology has revolutionized the way we live and will continue to do so, generating changes to which we must adapt quickly and offering us new ways in which to generate income.

We live in the information era, where people are rewarded for their leadership, their new ideas, big dreams and for creating connections, networks, whether it is a person to person, a business to business, a product to business, or a product to person

We rely on a system that allows the generation of residual income from anywhere at any time.

We want to change the traditional concept of employer and employee, allowing people not to be dependent on a "job" to be able to generate income and that this is a function of their activity, not the economic and employment situation of their country.

Furthermore, we want to share with you a rewarding way to plan your future and make your dreams come true.

Teach you how to bring financial freedom into your life and achieve the lifestyle you want for yourself and your loved ones and help millions of people achieve it too.

Get to know us

Jose Luis Saborido
Creator of PFS


“Humanity will not last much longer if it does not urgently learn to develop a collective consciousness, but if we succeed, we will begin to transform this planet into a Paradise”

J.L. Saborido

Master in Business Administration and International Trade.

Having worked for various official bodies, such as the I.S.M, el I.N.E., the S.E.R.G.A.S, and the Department of Financial Economics and Accounting of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Vigo, and observing the boom in the real estate sector in Spain, he studied as a Technician in Construction and Real Estate Management, after which he began his solo business adventure, creating in 1997 in Tenerife (Canary Islands), a company dedicated to the purchase, rehabilitation and sale of real estate.

With the 2007 crisis, he was forced to close the company during its most difficult years and moved to France, where he recreated it six years later, in association with a good friend and French entrepreneur, with whom, in 2017, he entered the renewable energy sector, creating his first technology company, a subsidiary of the Taiwanese multinational Leadray (leadray.com), dedicated to the development and commercialization of autonomous LED lighting systems (All In One), by means of last generation solar panels, of which he is Managing Director.

Fascinated since he knew about the Internet in the early 1990s, he understood that even though the web was still in its infancy, it would be the greatest tool ever invented for the development of new business models.

Aware of the great challenges we face as a human society, such as: The unstoppable advance of the ICT that have favored the Globalization; The Global Warming; The Automation and the Artificial Intelligence, and foreseeing the impact that the same ones will have on the economy to which the majority of the inhabitants of this planet will have to face (now already imminent given the recent events we are experiencing on a global scale that will accelerate events much further), have led him to develop the Pure Feedback System. A global online business system which, in addition to enabling everyone to generate income easily, will transform the disadvantages of large-scale automation, the Globalization and the use of Artificial Intelligence, in benefits for all its users.

But the great challenge of Pure Feedback Systemis to make possible, once and for all, the eradication of poverty through a fairer and more equitable distribution of wealth.

Alfonso Moreno
Deputy Project Director PFS


“Dreams can be fulfilled if the right paths are established to achieve them, the improvement of the commercial system is possible with Feedback, which is focused.”

Alfonso Moreno

Degree in Computer Science and Administration

Undertaking, getting things done, has been part of their experience since childhood.

He started his working life collaborating with official organizations of Education and Entertainment. Some time later, and for several years, she was part of the systems area of one of the most important banking institutions in Mexico. He entered the Real Estate sector acquiring experience in the niche of buying and selling high-end residential real estate.

Like every person with an entrepreneurial spirit, and even though he was still an employee, he was interested and trained for a while to become and have what he had always wanted, an entrepreneur with his own business.

Whether as a partner or sole proprietor, he has set up businesses, mostly in the entertainment and food sectors.

Given to establish methods and procedures that result in the achievement of objectives and goals.

The digital era and, above all, the exponential growth in the use and exploitation of the Internet, have opened up infinite possibilities for entrepreneurship, which is why, since 2000, he has been interested in participating in online ventures.

Upon discovering Feedback, invited by its creator and after a thorough analysis of the potential of the project, he decided to join it enthusiastically, taking care from the beginning of the creation of an online space where to build the network of partners that will be the foundation of the large international community of users of the PFS system.


Lis Casal
PFS Training Manager


“At first, Jose's idea seemed to me to be a utopia, a very beautiful dream but somewhat far from reality, until I could see the finished project and understood how it worked. I have never seen anyone so determined to achieve something”

Lis Casal

University Diploma in Nursing (D.U.E.)

Immediately after finishing his studies at the age of 20, he started working at his hometown hospital, going through various services. After becoming a mother, she temporarily abandons her profession to devote herself to the care of her daughter.

Due to her husband's business, she moves to Tenerife, where she collaborates with him in the family real estate management company, taking care of the coordination in the intervention of the different professionals, as well as the accompaniment to the client and resolution of administrative procedures.

After the 2007 crisis, she moved to France, where he returned to her previous health profession as a civil servant in the French hospital administration. She will have to leave it years later due to health problems.

At this point PFS, when it did not yet have a name, begins to be an idea in her husband's mind, which, from that moment on, begins to be part of their lives, occupying a good part of both of their time during the years of its development, until it becomes the ambitious business project that we know.

She resumes her studies, but this time not in a university school, since the knowledge she should acquire is not taught in the universities, but in knowing the project and begins to collaborate with her husband in different aspects of PFS, focusing above all on the human part of the project, such as laying the foundations of a network of Founding Partners who understand the project fully and transmit it in a duplicable way, taking responsibility for the area of Training and Selection of Partners of the project.